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F&T's Tailgate Adventures DVD Sets

F&T's Tailgate Adventures DVD Sets take you with host, David Schmidt, as he travels the highways, back roads, hills, creeks and river bottoms in pursuit of big and small game.  Dave partners with numerous houndsmen & women across the country as their dogs track down different quarry.

Season One is a three DVD set that contains all 13 episodes of the 2009/2010 season of F&T's Tailgate Adventures.

Season Two is a three DVD set that contains all 13 episodes of the 2010/2011 season of F&T's Tailgate Adventures.

Whether it's early morning in the mountains or late night in the creek bottoms, every episode is fun filled and action packed as the hunters share a hunt with the viewer and of course, man's best friend.

The Season One episodes are:

  • Introduction to Coon Hunting
  • Squirrel Hunt
  • Strawberry Mountain Kennels
  • Chestnut Ridge Kennels
  • Pleasant Hill Kennels
  • Russian Boar and Wisconsin Bear Hunting with Hounds
  • Introduction to Competition Hunting
  • Rabbit Hunting with Hounds
  • Hardwood Elvis Attack
  • Michigan Bear Hunting with Hounds
  • Youth Competition Hunting
  • Oak Ridge Kennels
  • Best of Season 1

The Season Two episodes are:

  • Buddy Hunt in Ohio
  • Black River Kennels
  • Rabbit City USA
  • Ed Meade, Legends Episode
  • "Amazing Curs", Squirrel and Coon Hunt
  • Nocturnal and Extreme Insane X
  • Youth Hunt
  • Chris Britt Kennels
  • Wild Spirit Bear Hunt
  • Indiana Opening Night
  • Damage Control Raccoon Hunt
  • Where is Dave???
  • Versatility of Hounds, Rabbit Hunt
  • Bonus -- Youth Education Program


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