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Trapping » Baits, Lures & Urines and Accessories » Lures » Lures (Listed by Target Animal) » Bobcat Lures » O'Gorman's Powder River Cat Call Lure (2 oz.) | « Go Back

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O'Gorman's Powder River Cat Call Lure (2 oz.)

O'Gorman's Powder River Cat Call Lure is the number 1 cat lure of the cat lands.  It appeals to more than the major 4 calls.  No other commercial cat lure has a more intense reaction on the cat.  Very expensive, intensive, musky blend of cat call agents.  Contains genuine catnit.  O'Gorman's L.D.C. lure should be used above all cat traps.  Powder River Cat Call will call in 10-50 percent more cats if they come near.  Especially in dry, windy or cold areas.

Thousands of cats have been taken with this famous Powder River Cat Call lure.  It is also a good grey fox and coon scent.


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