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Photos » Hound Photos

Hound Hunting Photos

Hank Goodchild and his running walkers with a Michigan coyote

Michigan's Howard Hale and his daughter, Kelsey with a Lion she killed while hunting in Colorado

A successful Wisconsin hunt with Dana Lawrence

George Gerard with a Michigan bear that dressed out at 505 pounds

Diesel, Shawn Inglis (F&T), Brody and Kabil

OMCBA cur Jimmy Polk with high dollar coon sold at Fur Harversters auction at Crossville Tn. winter 2006

Brody, Jen, Colton and Shawn Inglis (Owner of F&T) along with Diesel

Michele Pipitone is the only Houndsman in Italy who owns Walkers

Team Hard Kennels Highway climbing the tree to get the coon

Italy's Michele Pipitone and his crew

Joe Corn, Tyler Hoyle and a buddy out of Clover, SC with a couple of fine hounds and a coon

A few Alpena fellas who helped the DNR with their black bear project

South Dakota's Scott Anderson and his hounds after a good night of hunting

Al Wojda and 5 bears cubs he helped the DNR find

Rhylynn Fowler from British Columbia Canada with a fine looking hound

Dan (Before)

Sweden's Andreas Edin with a couple of nice brown bears.

Dan (After)

Terri Haken has had many successful days in the woods with her Black Mouth Curs.

Dan's Spike Dog with a few coon

Cory Converse, John Hubbard and Rich Wilson with a great Michigan bear

Dan Greve and friend with a bear harvested by bow

TJ Wilson holding a nice coyote and Rich Wilson holding back the Plott Hounds

Dan Greve's hounds with a coyote

Gary and Vance with a good bunch of coon and a couple of fine hounds

Dan Greve's Walkers with a couple of coon

Michigan's Vance Gawel with a nice bear

Asa Briggs, Jim Taylor, and a friend posing with a bobcat run with hounds

Another successful hunt by our friends in Italy

Tony Acord with his son