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Photos » Trapping Photos

Trapping Photos

Zayne Dibbell with a nice catch of beavers.

Stephan Moats from Barbour County, WV with a nice fisher

James LeMay from Dewitt, MI with a couple of otter.

Landon Hetherington just started trapping and this is his first coyote

James LeMay from Dewitt, MI with a couple nice coyotes.

Bob Story with a Southwest Missouri bobcat

Jon Randle from Battle Ground, IN with his first trapped coyote

Dan Story from Southwest Missouri with a nice red fox

Brody Inglis and Patrick Belanger with a nice coon taken in the Gaylord, Michigan area.

Ted Rakes Jr. from Ranger, WV, dad Ted Rakes Sr, Uncle Robert Rakes and Papaw Roy Spry teamed up to ...

Albert Clonts caught this nice grey fox in November 2019.

Stephen Ludwig from Pine Valley New York with his trapline catches.

Justin Collins from Veribest, Texas

Tom Krause with a fantastic load of fur valued at over $17,000.

Tyler Mixer with a 42 pound beaver caught in West Virginia

14 Year old McLain Morehouse with a very nice catch of Michigan muskrats and mink

Tyler Mixer with a 23 pound bobcat caught in a cubby set in West Virginia

Michigan's Zac Carl and his dad Dave with Zac's first gray fox

James LeMay from Dewitt, MI with a nice otter.

Jim Firmin, Fort Yukon Alaska, with some Lynx at one of his trapline cabins

Ashley DeLara from Pennsylvania with a nice tailgate picture

Bryce Spurgeon from Hastings, Michigan and his first coon, a nice 30 pound male.

Bobby Hilt with a few nice otters

Paul Collins, Daughter Hannah and Cousin Dylan caught this Mississippi grey fox in a dirt hole set

Corbin Grenier with a monster northern Wisconsin coon

Ed Houle out of Kirkville, New York with a nice "End of the Line" catch

Mike Gilbertson from Clayton, Wisconsin with a nice End of the Line photo

Mark Kinney with a great catch of an otter

Joey Clonts caught this nice bobcat in November 2018

Mark Kinney from Fife Lake, Michigan with his first beaver.

Tyler Mixer from WV with his first two red fox caught the same day

Raul Granado trapped this big bobcat in Santa Rosa, New Mexico

Samantha Gard first year spring beaver trapping. 48 total Spring 2019 Brainerd, MN

Hunter Brown with a 27 pound beaver and a 56 pound beaver

Remington with three coons on his first day trapping in New Mexico 2017.

Eric Morehouse of of Vermontville, Michigan with a nice yote

Dave Loughman from Southwestern PA with a nice end of the beaver line photo from 2018.

Here's a couple Indiana Coyote caught in 2008 by Rich Buker

Two male bobcats that John Bowlen caught in Northern Nevada on 12/21/18.

Layton Severeide of Powell, Wyoming with a nice bobcat

Mary Steele with a brace of Montana beavers and muskrats.

McLain Morehouse with one of his many muskrats he's caught this season

Jason Mantey with a nice Traverse City, MI coyote

John Ducker with a beaver on his first check after setting it the night before

Dave Hallman with a great catch of critters in his Pennsylvania fur shed

What a great photo of Zac Carl with his first Red Fox

Jesse Blumer and Dennis Junkins of Oklahoma with a good catch of coyotes

Jerry Hause with a fine Michigan coyote

Johnny Duffy posing with a nice coyote

Marcus Matheny of Ravenden, Arkansas with a great catch

Dennis Junkins with a nice bobcat

Brian Given in a nice shot with a Kentucky coyote

Jesse Blumer and friends with a very successful 2017-2018 season

Brian Given with a nice Kentucky grey fox

Two nice beavers caught by Gary Hudgins of Virginia using lure and foot hold traps

Kentucky's Brian Given with a great double on bobcats

Robert Kearby from Arkansas with a nice catch of beavers in 2017

Vince Doria and son Jun with lynx on Alaska winter trapline

Ryan Butterbaugh from Ebensburg, PA with a great end of the season photo

Mark Earl from Corunna, Michigan with an awesome End-of-the-Line photo

J.P. Moon with another great mixed bag of critters

Mike Vinson in a great photo that just says "trapping"

J.P. Moon from Mississippi with a dandy coyote

Montana's Mike Vinson with a nice collection of fur.

J.P. Moon from Mississippi with a nice catch of water critters

Tony Diebold with a fine catch of 'cats in the eighties.

Bryan Pickering and his daughter Ella Rae with a couple of West Tennessee raccoons

Lance Galbraith from Northern Idaho with a few of his big beaver he caught on his nuisance beaver line.

Amy Bryant from West Texas with her first bobcat

Newfoundland's Derm Eason with a nice showing of Canadian beaver.

Kevin Carter of Crump, TN with an otter caught in a small field drainage on a beaver crossover

Utah's Curtis Ovard with his first trapped fox.

Jason Johnson from Oregon with a really nice bobcat

Manitoba's Parker Fitzpatrick had a very successful time trapping.

Micah Ballard from Arizona with a nicely spotted bobcat

Blake with his first South Dakota bobcat of the season.

John Sellers from Pennsylvania with a great "End of the Line" picture

Minnesota's Cody Schroeder with his first beaver.

Team NC: Matt, Bryan, Klint & Matty in Eastern NC with a nice display of fur

Cody Schroeder with his second end of the year catch.

Matt Houde with a good day in Eastern NC

Bruce and Greg Langley with another great catch from the state of Michigan.

Coyote caught in Brunswick County, VA by Gary Hudgins

South Carolina's Rick Shehane and his boys had a successful time trapping.

Klint Rhude with a good day on the lines in Eastern NC

Some very nice South Dakota bobcat caught by Lee and his son Blake.

Bryan and Klint Rhude from Eastern, NC

Pennsylvania's Ryan Aughenbaugh with some nice put-up coon.

Bobby Hilt in Washington State with a couple of nice critters

Ryan Aughenbaugh with a nice fat Pennsylvania coon.

Justin Taylor on his very successful wolf trap line

6'5" Mike Jerrell with a nice big cat he snared using 1/16" cable

Robert Kearby caught this bobcat on a farm in Warm Springs, Arkansas

Smiling Andreas with a tiny Swedish beaver
13 year old Lane Kearby from Warm Springs, Arkansas with a nice raccoon
Tony Doan did a great job catching this bobcat on his trapline

Michaela Sheridan with her first trapped bobcat

Levi holding a couple of rewards for his hard work

Jonathan Metzger with a nice coyote

Levi Cash with a nice size beaver caught on his trap line

William Robbins and his little brother from Monterey, TN with a nice catch

Nathan Goodin from Terre Haute, IN with a proud catch

John Lucas with a nice coyote caught near Ponca City, OK

Dillon with a "hidden" Montana bobcat

Nathan Glore out of Missouri with his first beaver

Justin Fisher with a nice big beaver and a raccoon

Dakota Ketchum with a nice Ohio coyote

Justin and Jerad Fisher with a good catch of critters

Garrett Hemric from North Carolina with a nice catch of an otter

Justin Fisher of Ohio with his first snared red fox

Steve, Mike and Garrett Hemric with a really nice otter

Jerad Fisher of Ohio with his first snared raccoon

Mike and Garrett Hemric with a nice catch of fur in North Carolina

Utah's Henry Etzel with a great looking cat

Steve Hemric with a nice sized bobcat

Mark Earl from Corunna Michigan with his first beaver

Steve Hemric from Elkin, NC with a nice catch of fur

Trent Slagowski with another awesome Wyoming bobcat

6 year old Dominic DeSmith of Sauk Centre, MN with one of his several catches in his first year of ...

Raul Granado with a fine New Mexico bobcat

Chris Thielman from Wisconsin with a group of new trappers

John with another nice Texas Mountain Lion

Future trapper in the making Matt Lawrence's son, Dylan, helping dad check his traps

Sweden's Andreas Edin and Goran Flodstrom over for a short visit for some Northern Michigan trapping with F&T

Gary Knepper, a school boy trapper turned 70 with a nice days catch on 01-14-2016

Josh Lewis, Concord Michigan, with his first fox of the season

Dennis Cook from Cadillac, MI with his first coyote

Trent Slagowski of Dubois Wyoming with a nice coyote

Thomas Harris trapped this coyote in Louisiana.

Trent Slagowski with his first Wyoming bobcat

Tom Gray and Craig Danielsen caught a nice mix of fur for the first three weeks of December in North ...

Northcountry having a good time in the snow

Brian Perretta from Alder Creek, NY with a very nice bobcat

Northcountry with a nice assortment of critters

Thomas Harris form southern Louisiana with a coon caught in a dog proof trap

Northcountry with a pile of beaver

Dwayne Shores and Grayson Reid with a couple of nice Virginia bobcats

Lowell Miller with his first raccoon of the year

Brandan Edrington holding a nice Missouri bobcat

Dave holding on to a trapped grey fox

Awesome black coyote caught in central Wisconsin by Ken Krejci

Texan, John Fehner, holding a nice mountain lion he trapped

John Carelock from Arkansas with a nice coyote

David Pullen with a couple of mink taken in Michigan

Marc Charbonneau from New York with a big Adirondack Mountain coyote

David Pullen of Owosso, Michigan with a nice trapped coyote

Brandan Edrington from Central Illinois with his first badger

Michael Wolgamott with his first fully unassisted coon catch

Matthew Wooten from Ariton, Alabama with a trapped coyote.

Ron Schrader with a huge 68 pound beaver trapped in Northeast Illinois

Kevin Hall of Wisconsin with his first trapped beaver.

Cody Alphin with a nice spotted bobcat caught on a farm in Arkansas

Steve Bradley ready for the first auction of the year.

Cody Alphin with a coyote caught on a farm in Arkansas

Bob Barlow form Wyoming with some nice marten.

Marc Laforce and Daniel Tremblay with an exceptional catch of fur in Quebec

Lynn Sager with one of his many coons he caught during the season

Jeff Prieboy's proud son with some of his dad's fur

Doug Huismann, Jr. with a great catch of fur in Newaygo, Michigan

Jeff Prieboy with a dandy South Carolina coyote

Jacob McMillon and his nephew with a nice big coon

Bill (Northcountry) with a dandy long-tailed weasel caught in the U.P of Michigan

Michael Harris with a double on 2015 Texas wood chippers.

Tyler Havens with his first red fox 2007

Wyatt Zepp with his last muskrat of the season

Tyler Havens with his first coyote 2007

Wyatt Zepp with a nice catch of muskrats

Joni LeGrand and great niece Lacey Christensen with three nice 35lb beaver from Virgil, South Dakota

Brett Bates with part of his catch from Northeastern Montana.

Gordy Klassen's sled full of wolves

15 year old Jonathan Arnold with his 2nd otter, one of two coons and a muskrat he caught in one ...

Gordy Klassen with a nice catch of canines

Parker and Peyton Conter with a coyote and coon caught with their dad in Ohio.

Alberta's Gordy Klassen with a wolverine and a lynx

Ryan Bechtold with a nice big raccoon.

Gordy Klassen, President of the Alberta Trappers Association, with a pile of canines

Barry Bagwell from Arkansas with his first bobcat

Will Maxwell with a Georgia raccoon

14 year old Jonathan Arnold with a nice catch during the 2013-2014 season.

Will Maxwell holding a nice Red fox he and his dad caught in Georgia

Curtis Johnson of Wyoming with a nice day's catch.

Will Maxwell with a fine Georgia bobcat caught with his dad, Brent

Jeff and Curtis Johnson with their end of the line photo near Greybull Wyoming.

Brent Maxwell with a fine Georgia bobcat caught with his son, Will

Jake Komm caught a nice Michigan grey fox.

Cody from Minnesota with his first possum

Joe Magaro with his first beaver of the upstate NY trapping season.

Kurt Harjala with a nice check from his Michigan trapline

Mike Quinlan from New York with a nice red fox.

Michigan's Kurt Harjala with some well handled fur

Mike Quinlan with a very nice New York coyote.

Kevin Pryzbala with a nice snared Michigan coyote

Michael Gerrin with one of the many Maine coyotes he has caught.

Troy Wortley's son, Cash, with one of the many coons he's caught

Michael Gerrin from Maine with a nice big coyote.

Eric Sal with a coyote taken at a post set

Brandan Edrington with a large Illinois river otter. First of the 2014-15 season.

Jeremy Amthor from Michigan with a nice January Red Fox

Douglas Weaver III with a grey fox trapped in Sheridan, Michigan.

Howard Carpenter with a Marten he trapped in Michigan's Upper Penninsula

Jim Haagen from Western Kentucky with a nice end of the season catch

Michigan's Jacob Lindloff with a fine Marten and Ermine

Kyle Smith and his dad, Doug, with a great end of the season picture in Athens, GA

Jacob Lindloff with his first red fox caught in the U.P. of Michigan

Chris Corridore of Birch Run, MI with his first coyote of the season

Keith Leaym with a big Snapping Turtle he caught in the summer

Chris Corridore of Birch Run, MI with his second check of the season

Keith Leaym with a nice Mink and a couple of Muskrats caught in Michigan

TJ Hannah & his 6 month son Chase Hannah with his 3 beavers that he caught that day in Hamilton ...

Here is a nice December cat caught by J.R. Ratliff of Pike County Kentucky

Eldon & TJ from Southern, IL with their first otter trapped in Hamilton County

L.T. Miller with a 40 lb. beaver caught on the AuSable River in Oscoda, Michigan

Drew Glenn and his 6 year old son, Charlie, after checking their first beaver line in Virginia.

Dillon Dahn from Spruce, Michigan with his first coyote

Tyler Niedergall from Northern New Jersey with a catch from his first season of trappping

L.T Miller and Rob Fulco from Oscoda, Michigan with a couple of nice raccoon

Ryan Galligan from Maryland with his catch from the 2013-2014 season

Lucas, Ryan, Kyle & Michael Wolgamott with their first trapped Michigan raccoon

Troy Eppley from Pennsylvania with a couple of nice red fox

Frankie and Trace, age 7, with a nice bobcat

A nice fisher caught by Pennsylvania trapper Troy Eppley

Frankie and Treavor with Treavor's first bobcat

A couple of coons caught by Texan Robin Wheelus using FB1 Dog Proof Raccoon Traps

Missouri's Frankie and Treavor Kimes with a nice coon and beaver

Jesse Smith from Union Grove, NC with a big 61 lb. beaver

9 year old Treavor Kimes with his very first trapped coon

Jesse Smith from Union Grove, NC with a very nice otter

Roger Mead from Park Rapids Minnesota with a nice 41 pound bobcat

Tony Fendt of Wisconsin with a nice catch of critters

Michigan's Dan Holcomb & Chris Reetz with part of their 2006-2007 catch.

Jacob Komm from Michigan with his first muskrat

Fred Bloom in front of his Trapper's Cabin

John Teller from Orange, TX with a great looking all white skunk

Corey Knochel with a snared cinnamon raccoon from Kentucky

Jesse Smith with a nice North Carolina Bobcat

Corey Knochel with a Kentucky snared bobcat

Hunter Shepherd of IL on the trap line with dad

Chandler and Smith with two beaver taken from a small creek

End of the line photo from 2013-'14 of Bob Story from Carl Junction, MO

Brandon Smith and George Chandler from Western Illionis with a fine days catch

Brent Stahl from Longville, LA with a nice creek caught beaver

Brandon Smith and George Chandler with two large beavers

Chris and Coleman DeRusseau with a nice catch of a bobcat in Texas

Al Schultz with a Michigan grey fox

Joseph Harris with his first grey fox of the year in East Texas

Kevin wearing some critters he had made into this fine coat

Texan, Brazos Peacock, with a great catch of a nice mountain lion

Jo with a couple of high dollar rats

Isaac Jones, age 11, with his first red fox from Mathiston, MS

Chris Chabot with another coyote

Rex Brashear (8 years old) with his very first southern IL coyote

Danny Byington from Missouri with a couple of morning coons

Jake Swarthout from Freeburg, Missouri and his first beaver

Danny Byington from Missouri with his 1st beaver

Connor Parsons and his dad, David, had a great time trapping together

Danny Byington from Missouri with a black opossum

Troy Mackey from Horse Valley, PA with a couple of nice coons

Bill (Northcountry) sure knows how to catch those Michigan canines

Wyatt Patten with his first beaver caught in a snare

Troy Wortley from Michigan

Steve Wilkowski with his first bobcat, a 37 pounder caught near Frazee, Minnesota

Troy and Ty Wortley with their first otter

Josh Lehigh with his first Idaho red fox

Alan Smith with a 40 pound Upper Peninsula (Michigan) bobcat

James Hoggard from North Carolina with his first beaver, a nice 60 pounder

Roger Schweda with 19 Muskrats his first year trapping

Jack Norton from Missouri with a very nice catch

Roger Schweda from Grass Lake, Michigan with his first trapped fox

Jack Norton with another great weekend in Missouri

Charley Lane and Gary Dunlap with a fine catch of fur some time back

Samuel Cash and his dad from Western Kentucky with a good night's catch

Jerremy with a Michigan coon.

Brandon Woolley and Ryan Lejins from Michigan with their season of fur

Jerremy Dunlap with a few mink caught in Michigan

Patrick Sikora from Vermont with his first fisher

Arnold Abbe with some fur in 1957. Arnold has trapped over 100 mink every year for over 70 years ...

Gregory Copple from Miltonvale, KS with a few nice coyotes caught within a 1/4 mile of each other

Jen and Colton (Shawn's wife and son) with a nice coon they caught all by themselves

John Teller's step-son, Jacob, with another nice bobcat from East Texas

Kevin and his proud daughter, Jo with a couple of nice beaver

John Teller from East Texas with a nice bobcat

Gary Dunlap with a bunch of coon "back in the day"

Owen Emery with his first coon with his dog proof traps his dad bought for his birthday

Rusty Hale after checking some turtle traps

Lee Reuwsaat from South Dakota with another great season

Rusty with a nice snapper

Chris and his son, Isaac, with a very nice first season's catch in Concord, Michigan

Rusty Hale holding a badger

9 year old Cole Long from Eau Claire, WI with a great trapline catch

Rusty and Jim Hale

Marc from Maine and his boy Jace with their season's catch. Jace is a future trapper for sure.

Jim Hale with a dandy coyote

Tyron Kitchens from Georgia with a nice 30 lb male bobcat

Jim Hale with a nice mink

Rich Williams from Lamar, PA with a 22 lb female bobcat

Joey Acord with a couple of nice reds

Scott Wheeler from Clintondale, PA with nice 32 lb bobcat

Tony Acord with a few coyotes

Scott Wheeler and Rich Williams from Pennsylvania with their 2011-2012 season's catch

Clark Barton and Marshall Johnson on their water line

Rich Williams and Scott Wheeler from Pennsylvania with their 2010-2011 season's catch

Chris Chabot with another catch of critters

Korey Casey snared this nice coyote in Michigan

Rusty Hale and his dad Jim

Mark Willis and daughters Sierra and Aubrey with a nice double on prime winter otter from the U.P. of Michigan

Scott Lancaster with a raccoon caught in a conibear off the ground

Lee from South Dakota with a serious catch of fur

Clark Barton with a nice red

Stephan Moats of Barbour County, WV and his first ever coyote

Chris Chabot with a nice catch of critters