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Photos » Predator Calling Photos

Predator Calling

Jason Johnson from Oregon with a pile of coyotes he called in

Sweden's Nils Fernquist put a good hit on this red fox

Don killed all three of these coyotes in Cody, Wyoming when they came in together during one stand.

Don Sharboneau with coyote in hand just hours after receiving his FX3

Ted Allen of Auburn, Michigan with a double on coyotes.

Gary and Vance with another winter coyote

Kevin Hall with an Idaho cross fox.

Gary and Vance Gawel with a great winter coyote

Lacey Tubbs killed this big male coyote on her farm in Sprott, Alabama

Tim Abrams with a fine pair of coyotes called in with a FoxPro FX3

Predator hunter, Skye Goode, with a Central Wisconsin coyote

Gerry Williams from Alberta Canada called in a fine coyote

Skye Goode from Central Wisconsin with a nice coyote taken predator hunting

Ronan Galbraith (Son of Niel Galbraith) with a few fox taken on one farm just before lambing time in Northern ...

Another coyote shot by Ryan Gattis in Hawkins, Texas

Matt Schroderus shot this coyote at around 80 yards at night with a savage 17HMR

Ryan Gattis shot this coyote in Hawkins, Texas at sundown with a Ruger American .243

Scott Gauthier with a nice double called in at one stand - a coyote and a grey fox

Scott Gauthier called in this nice red fox with an electronic caller

F&T's Harry Nestell and his son Luke with a nice bobcat

Steve Panich had a nice double called in on the same stand

Kevin Dahn from Michigan with a 27 pound bobcat shot opening day

Don Sharboneau with a bobcat that was killed at close range.

Matt harvested this November red fox with a 22-250 in Northern Michigan

Bob Aronsohn is very well known for taking large numbers of crows.

Matt Schroderus with a late October coyote taken in Northern Michigan

Bob Aronsohn taking aim on another crow.

This coyote was taken by Matt Schroderus in Northern Upper Michigan in an old gravel pit in mid March

Bob Aronsohn from Kansas with a big number of crows.

Matt Schroderus killed this coyote while hunting on a lake in Michigan's Upper Penninsula

John Jones and Donny Miller called in this 'yote just north of Phoenix AZ with their new caller

Chris Chabot called in this bobcat within 3 1/2 minutes

Australia's Lucas Alchin called in this dingo with a Scotch Predator hand call and shot him at 120 yards