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Zepp's Payoff Coon Squaller

Zepp's Payoff Coon Squaller represents an industry best.  It is 100% swirl acrylic, which makes it very expensive to make and gives each call its own unique look.  No two of them look exactly alike.

The Payoff is 100% American made in Mark Zepp's shop.  These are the prettiest acrylic squallers ever produced.  If you compare them to anything else similar in price, this squaller should cost over $200.00.  The fit, finish and attention to detail is not like anything else ever produced in our sport.

Each call is precision milled in Zepp's CNC machine and then hand buffed one at a time to bring out the color and luster.  There are four laser engravings on each Payoff squaller.  Two raccoon engravings, the Zepp’s Coon Squaller logo and “The Payoff”.

The Payoff is super realistic sounding.  It has an extra large sound chamber on the top half and twice the “horn” or “speaker” on the bottom half of anything similarly priced giving it more volume than other two reed squallers.  This attention to detail gives it nicer “ring” and louder sound.

Zepp's Payoff Coon Squaller is available in 7 different color patterns.


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