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TTI's Basic Home Tanning Kit

TTI's Basic Home Tanning Kit gives you the tools and knowledge necessary to finish a hide with a beautiful hair-on or leather tan.  Eight years in the making, The Basic Home Tanning Kit was developed by a pro tanner with 27 years of experience.  Each kit will fully tan 10 lbs. of wet skin weight.  This is approximately 1 average sized deer skin or the equivalent by size in other smaller skins (5 - 7 fox or raccoon skins or 10 - 15 smaller skins such as muskrat or mink).

The kit utilizes a simple salt-alum process that is widely used.  What makes this kit unique is the specially formulated oil. Alum tanning alone can leave you with a hard and crusty hide when improperly finished.  This unfortunate state is prevented by using our specially formulated oil.  It is a water soluble oil that will make the hide soft and supple without leaving the hide greasy or oily feeling.

The kit is designed so that the process can be completed in a small area over several days.  (Some steps take 24-48 hours to finish.  If you live in a very humid area, it may take longer.)  There is very little mess and there are no harsh chemicals to worry about.  The book contains formulas for tanning Deer, Elk, Moose, Antelope, Cow Calves, Goats, Sheep, Coyotes, Foxes, and Raccoons.

The Basic Kit includes: A Step-By-Step book, 1 pack of Tanning Crystals, 1 bottle of Tanning Oil, Hide Scraper and Sand Paper.


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