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Rittel's Ultra-Soft Relaxer

Rittel’s Ultra-Soft Relaxer is the answer when it comes to relaxing air dried furs.  It is unequaled for its penetrating powers to open up the fibers of the flesh and bring them to that "just skinned" condition.  A limp, completely relaxed skin is much easier to flesh or shave and, unless the fibers are open, you may not get a full penetration of the pickle.  Ultra-Soft allows the pickle to quickly acidify the flesh, thus preventing any slippage.  Ultra-Soft’s washing qualities also clean the hair or fur of debris and remove any of the natural fatty oils.

Rittel’s Ultra-Soft is an excellent relaxer to use on greasy skins.  Mix enough Ultra-Soft and add water to completely submerge your skins, add Bacteriacide if you desire, and allow the skins to relax for 12-24 hours.  After relaxing, any fat, meat or membrane still remaining on the flesh can be removed, the skin rinsed, and placed in the pickle.  Later, the skin can be shaved thin when fully pickled.

Rittel’s Ultra-Soft is non-ionic and biodegradable.  After use, it can be safely disposed of in a sewage or septic system.  It has no residual and treated skins rinse free.  It is extremely compatible over a wide range of other chemicals, including salt.


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