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Rittel's Trapline Tanning Kit

Rittel's Trapline Tanning Kit is an excellent kit for tanning light skins such as weasel, squirrel, muskrat, raccoon, fox, coyote and domestic rabbits.  This is the kit Rittel's recommends for teaching youngsters how to tan.  It's extremely safe, easy to use and incorporates all the basic principles of basic tanning.

Each kit will fully tan 20 lbs. of wet skin weight.  This is approximately 10 - 14 fox or raccoon skins or 20 - 30 smaller skins such as muskrat or mink.

Rittel's Trapline Tanning Kit (also called the Rancher's Tanning Kit) includes Kwik-Tan, ProPlus Oil and DeGreaser.  Kwik-Tan produces a plump, stretchy, white leathered skin when used as directed.  It is non-discoloring and safe for furs, hair and wool.

ProPlus Oil is a superior bisulfited tanning oil built to penetrate deeply and produce soft skins.  It's a swab-on oil that's mixed 1 part oil to 2 parts hot tap water.


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