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Superior HellCat Maxx Cap Light Package

The Superior HellCat Maxx Cap Light Package features a white LED main beam, 2 white LED modules that are dual walk lights for you and all of your buddies to walk with and red and amber LED modules.  The HellCat Maxx also features a green laser pointer module.

The dual walklight modules have twice the brightness of the other Superior HellCat lights.  And, the color LED modules have a nearly 300% increase in brightness. The LED main beam and LED modules are all easily operated with a switch that has 9 positions.

The HellCat Maxx weighs approximately 23.5 oz.  Burn time on the main beam, wide open, is over 4 hours with approximately 16 hours with walk lights full bright.

The HellCat Maxx features a camo soft cap with a hard plastic liner.  It has a 2 year manufacturer's warranty.

The Superior HellCat Maxx Cap Light Package comes with everything pictured plus a battery charger.

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