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Wooden Body Grip Pegs

These Wooden Body Grip Pegs are designed for use with #110/#120 body grip traps.  They are approximately 12" long.  They are made of hardwood and are ideal for supporting body grip traps in soft ground situations, particularly at bank sets.

Notches have been cut into these Body Grip Pegs to accomodate and support #110/#120 body grip traps when the traps are set using the back notch of the body grip dogs.  The notches can be easily modified with a flat file to ensure a perfect fit with all brands of #110/#120 body grip traps.

These Wooden Body Grip Pegs have a hole drilled through them approximately 1" from the top for easy insertion of wire up to 11 guage in size and have a sharp cut bottom to make them easier to drive into the ground.


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