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Trapping » Books & Videos » Trapping Videos » Trapping Videos (Listed by Trapper) » Scott Welch » Scott Welch's "Trapline Techniques: Mud, Snow & Predators" DVD | « Go Back

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Scott Welch's "Trapline Techniques: Mud, Snow & Predators" DVD

Scott Welch's "Trapline Techniques:  Mud, Snow & Predators" DVD takes you with Scott Welch on his predator line as he battles snow, mud and single digit temperatures while pursuing coyote, fox, bobcat and dryland coon.  Scott communicates his knowledge in the “down to earth” style that he has become known for.

Come along as Scott delves into set construction and variation; trap size, modification and placement; lure and bait usage; handling remakes; dealing with wet and freezing ground conditions and lots of other topics along the way.  No small amount of time is spent explaining predator location to help you understand where to place your sets for maximum results.

This video is not a running infommercial for lure and bait or equipment, just plenty of trapline knowledge to help you catch more fur.  No matter where you trap, no matter if you are targeting coyotes, fox, bobcats, dryland coon or any combination of these predators, Scott shares trapline techniques that can help you reach your goals this season.  2 hours, 15 minutes.


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