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Predator Calling » Books & Videos » Predator Calling Videos » Randy Anderson's "Calling All Coyotes 3" DVD | « Go Back

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Randy Anderson's "Calling All Coyotes 3" DVD

Randy Anderson's "Calling All Coyotes 3" DVD features 68 hunts and 73 kills.  This 2 DVD set has a total running time of 6 hours and is jam packed full of coyote calling and instruction.  You’ll see lots of hand and electronic calling done separately or together, bringing in those educated coyotes.  You’ll be amazed at how Randy and his buddies work these coyotes, sometimes taking up to an hour to get them in for the shot, sometimes moving in on them for 2 or 3 stands before getting these coyotes to commit to the call.

There are several hunts where coyotes are called in using only a variety of coyote howls and coyote distress.  Coyotes are taken charging into the calls, stopped for the shot, on the run and at long distances up to around 600 yards.  Randy also answers his most asked questions over the years, when it comes to coyote calling and related topics.

Randy is going back to his roots on this DVD set and taking up from where he left off from Calling All Coyotes I and II.  There’s a little something for everyone in this DVD set:  action, drama, comedy and a big ending.


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