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Predator Hunters' "Winter Magic" DVD

Predator Hunters' "Winter Magic" DVD with Pat Cameron and John Summerfield brings 22 exciting winter hunts right to your living room from both sides of the continent.

Live in the East?  Want proof it can be done here?  Want to enjoy consistent success hunting predators on your home turf?  Help has arrived.  Live in the West?  This video has thrilling predator hunts featuring new hunting techniques to add to your bag of tricks.  This 107 minute DVD contains 3 sections.

Section 1:  East

Hosts Pat Cameron and John Summerfield go where no other predator hunting video has satisfactorily gone; the East.  Eastern North America has long held a reputation for giving up her predators reluctantly.  Pat and John live in the East and effectively hunt predators in the lower Great Lakes region.  They understand what it takes to put fur on the stretcher east of the prairies.  This section serves up 11 eastern hunts for red fox and coyotes featuring both calling and spot & stalk sniping with precision rifles.

Section 2:  West

John Summerfield heads West to hunt prairie predators with special guest Ken Erickson.  This section features 11 western hunts that showcase the ever willing coyotes and foxes of the grasslands.

Section 3:  Tips & Techniques

John and Pat provide valuable information that will get the new predator hunter on track quickly by sharing skills, knowledge and experience learned the hard way; through years of predator hunting.


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