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Ray Alcorn's "Coyote Man: My Life with the Coyotes" Book

Ray Alcorn's "Coyote Man: My Life with the Coyotes" Book is really unique because it covers the management of coyotes from the 1940s to the 1990s and includes chapters on the life history, censusing, decoying (calling), howling and coyote communications, poisoning with Coyote Getters, strychnine, and 1080, denning, aerial gunning, the history of the government’s programs, the old-style trapping methods, bait making, skinning and fur handling techniques, and lots of other unique gems of interest to coyote hunters and trappers.  Many of these techniques are useful today.

J. R. Alcorn was the first person in the USA to do extensive research on, and to develop the techniques of, predator calling in the USA.  Beginning in February of 1942, Ray got a hand-made call from Sidney O. Curtis of Ely Nevada and some basic lessons on how to use it.  Fascinated, Ray, over the next two years, intensely tested and modified calls.  Ray developed predator calling techniques which are the calling techniques we use today.

In May of 1946, Ray published the first article found about predator calling in the USA, entitled "Decoying Coyotes."  This article predated by four years any other article published in the USA on predator calling.  Ray’s article and techniques were revolutionary at the time.  The USF&WS Predator and Rodent Control branch sent him all over the West to teach his methods to government trappers and to others.

Who was the man who got varmint hunting (by calling) started?  Ray Alcorn.  There were others who were calling and others who were more public and commercially developed the sport beginning in 1949-51, but Ray lead the way.  In the 20 years before Ray died, he wrote a book about his life with coyotes.  He died before it was completed.  Dr. Major Boddicker agreed to edit and finish Ray’s book.  The 362-page book is now available to the public.

In 1972, when the animal rights folks were appointed to the Department of the Interior, the government called in all of the government trappers’ diaries and papers, which described the facts and benefits of intensive coyote control to ranchers and big game hunters, and destroyed them.  Ray refused to surrender his papers, so his reminiscences are included in this book.  Whether you loved or hated government-sponsored coyote control from the past or present, you need to read this book for perspective and the facts.  Ray was a meticulous scientific pro who told the truth -- no exaggeration or good/bad lectures.

Dr. Major Boddicker has edited Ray’s book for organization, structure, and to clarify the significance of Ray’s writing contributions.  Dr. Boddicker and Bob Noonan (cartoonist) teamed up to add lots of cartoons, which emphasize Ray’s experiences and humor.  Ray’s book is great wildlife management history without the politically correct B.S. so abundant in contemporary writing.

Coyote Man has lots of unique and original photos of coyote control and hunting from the 1940s to the '90s.


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