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Phil Simonski's "The Predator Handbook"

Phil Simonski's "The Predator Handbook" contains the most thorough and up-to-date information available on hunting a variety of predators, including the coyote, fox, mountain lion, lynx, bobcat, and crows, among others.  It also offers detailed instructions on the use of electronic calls, mouth calls, decoys, camouflage, remote calling, locating predators, the use of firearms, and a special section on taking care of the animal's pelt once you've taken it.

Phil Simonski of Seal Rock, Oregon, author of the earlier and highly popular book "Coyote Hunting" and a prominent seminar speaker on the subject of predator hunting, is one of the most widely acknowledged experts in the country on the subject of predator hunting.  Simonski, a retired forester, has been a seminar speaker at many major outdoors shows and is noted for his common sense approach to the subject.  As he states in his chapter on "the rules" of predator hunting: "In order to be a successful predator hunter, you must think like the critter you are after, not like a human."

Mike Dillon of the predator call manufacturing company Foxpro, Inc., in Lewistown, Pennsylvania, wrote the foreword to this new Simonski book, noting that coyotes are hunted in every state in the U.S.  Dillon lauded Simonski for providing information "not only useful to beginners, but to seasoned veterans as well."  144 pages.


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