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Specials » December Specials » Predator Calling Specials » Minaska Outdoors' "Crumblin' Coons" DVD | « Go Back

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Minaska Outdoors' "Crumblin' Coons" DVD

In Minaska Outdoors' "Crumblin' Coons" DVD join brothers Todd and Steve Borland as they take you out for some daytime coon calling in southeastern and central Nebraska.  With over 15 years of experience calling coons day and night you will learn how they setup, the sounds to use throughout different parts of the season as well as some very close encounters.

This DVD also features hunts with Rick Paillet (Verminator Predator Calls) who takes a coon off the top of the caller at 7 yards with his bow.

A variety of guns are used including 22 mag, .17 HMR, AR15, pistol and a couple scenes with bow.  Watch as the little grizzlies come in and smash the caller/decoy looking for a fight.  Very entertaining and highly addictive.  88 minutes.


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