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Specials » Closeouts (Very Limited Supply) » Predator Calling Closeouts » Ulf Lindroth & Andreas Norin's "Fox Calling: The Right Sound at the Right Place" DVD | « Go Back

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Ulf Lindroth & Andreas Norin's "Fox Calling: The Right Sound at the Right Place" DVD

Original price was $19.95.  Closeout price is $9.95.

Ulf Lindroth & Andreas Norin's "Fox Calling:  The Right Sound at the Right Place" DVD covers stand selection, calls and tactics to make you a successful fox caller.  This DVD was produced during fox hunts in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.  The result is a unique DVD where a large number of foxes are being convinced by efficient calling.

A number of different sounds are used in this DVD.  Each call has its correct time and place.  Ulf and Andreas explain both when to use each different call and how to make each different sound.  They also show other tricks which can make fox calling more efficient.  A great example is how to stop a fox when it's in the right position for a shot.

This DVD features a description of every stand using a map and short text.  This information includes weather, time, choice of calls, wind direction and other factors which influenced stand selection.

This DVD provides useful information to fox callers of all levels regardless of where you are located in the world.  This DVD can be played in Swedish and Norwegian with subtitles in English, Danish and Finnish.


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