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Specials » Closeouts (Very Limited Supply) » Predator Calling Closeouts » Stone Wolf Productions' "Nail 'M Arizona Style" DVD | « Go Back

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Stone Wolf Productions' "Nail 'M Arizona Style" DVD

Original price was $19.95.  Closeout price is $9.95.

Stone Wolf Productions' "Nail 'M Arizona Style" DVD contains over 2 hours of action and shows over 75 predators (coyotes, fox and cats) called in with over 50 predators being "nailed".

For those of us who pursue varmints, there is nothing more thrilling than those magical moments of truth when all of your effort and hard work comes together in a few heart pounding seconds of action and excitement as the varmint comes running to your call.  This video is filled with many of those heart pounding moments that you just won't want to miss.

Watch the "Ultimate Dog Pile" -- 4 coyotes called in and shot within spitting distance of each other.  Watch as two bobcats are called in together.  Watch a 14 year old boy get a trifecta of varmints (bobcat, coyote and grey fox) all in one day!

This incredible DVD brings you footage exclusively from Arizona.  If you are a varmint hunter you will not want to miss this exciting, action packed, heart stopping, up close and personal, varmint calling video!


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