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NightSnipe Adjustable Beam Class 1 NS550 Gun Light Kit

Original price was $169.95.  Closeout price is $129.95.

The NightSnipe Adjustable Beam Class 1 NS550 Gun Light Kit is available with a red LED module.  After many hours and months of engineering and testing, NightSnipe has perfected the ultimate hunting light.  There really is nothing quite like it.  Some professionals in the industry have called it the Cadillac of predator hunting lights because of its attention to detail, extremely tight fit, fluid-like adjustments, light weight and compact size, all while reaching extreme light distances.

With the red LED module you can identify an animal at 325+ yards and get positive eye shine from an animal at 800+ yards.  

If you compare it to other brands you will quickly see that this gun light has gone above and beyond what others have done.  Coyotes, fox, bobcats, hogs, raccoons, or any other prey you're after donít stand a chance after the sun goes down.

The NightSnipe Adjustable Beam Class 1 Gun Light Kit features:

  • Precisely engineered adjustable beam focus bezel allows adjustments for flood or extremely tight, pin point beam placement.
  • One turn rotation allows for quick flood/focus beam adjustments.
  • Interchangeable (100,000 hours) American made CREE LED.
  • Light and CREE LEDs manufactured under an ISO9001 certified manufacturer for consistent engineering and reliability.
  • Battery extender allows for use of 1 or 2 batteries.
  • Constructed of aircraft grade T-6 aluminum with type III hard adonization for heavy impact and recoil resistance.
  • Heavy duty plug with screw in coiled click switch.
  • Precisely designed convex glass lens to achieve the highest light magnification possible.
  • Built in halo shield allows for less light spill and maintains a focused beam.
  • Water resistant with included O-ring seals (including LED seal) for added protection.
  • 100% operational at temperatures down to -45 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Low profile, finely tuned adjustable mount system that allows for precise and accurate beam placement.
  • Weighing in at just over 15 oz. and measuring just over 7Ē.

The NightSnipe Adjustable Beam Class 1 Gun Light Kit includes:

  • 1 NightSnipe Adjustable Beam Hunting Light
  • 1 Interchangeable 100,000 hour CREE LED red module 
  • 1 NightSnipe carrying case with protective foam cutout insert
  • 1 Universal AC/DC home & car charger
  • 2 Rechargeable, 10-year rated Lithium Ion batteries
  • 1 Coiled clicky switch
  • 1 NightSnipe adjustable mount system
  • 1 Dual battery extender


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