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Cass Creek RPS Extreme Caller

Original price was $159.95.  Closeout price is $109.95.

The Cass Creek RPS Extreme Caller is the first, lightweight wireless game caller with a built-in microphone and flashlight.  The high quality sounds produced by the RPS are what you would expect from Cass Creek.

The RPS Extreme comes with ten permanent calls in the memory and the ability to store over 256 calls or call sequences of extended length on the 3GB sound card.  You can download sounds to the RPS from your computer with the convenient USB port.

The built in microphone allows you to record your own sounds either before or during your hunt.  Record your own personal favorite vocalization while you are in the field and play it on the amped up RPS to gain greater volume.  Record animals in the wild that respond to your calls and either play back immediately or save for future hunts.

The built in red LED flashlight can be remotely activated to light up your kill zone or to help locate the base unit during a night expedition.

No fifty page manual is required to learn how to use all the features of the RPS.  It has very intuitive operations.  Create playlists on your computer and upload to the caller or create playlists in the field.  Select the number of times to repeat a sound, the silence between sounds, all using the remote control.  The large LED screen with red backlight make it easy to use at night.

The Cass Creek RPS Extreme Caller comes with the following sounds:

  • Female coyote howl
  • Coyote food fight
  • Beta-male coyote
  • House cat
  • Cottontail distress
  • Baby crows
  • Fawn distress
  • Hare
  • Fox pups
  • Jackrabbit


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