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Predator Calling » Books & Videos » Predator Calling Books » Andrew Lewand's "Coyote Calling: Advanced Concepts & Tactics Volume 1" Book | « Go Back

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Andrew Lewand's "Coyote Calling: Advanced Concepts & Tactics Volume 1" Book

Special May price is $11.95.  Normal price is $14.95.

Andrew Lewand's "Coyote Calling:  Advanced Concepts & Tactics Volume 1" Book is full of cutting edge information for coyote callers who want to maximize their hunting experience.  Each chapter deals with important factors that impact coyote calling success.  Whether you have been calling coyotes for 2 months or 20 years, you are sure to learn some new tricks from reading this 143 page book.  Chapters include:
  • Mental aspects of calling
  • Setup tactics
  • Proven calling tactics
  • Heard but not seen
  • Coyotes and machines
  • Do it all night
  • Uncommon calling grounds
  • Hunt the hot zones
  • Super sound sequences
  • Busting a slump
  • Keeping it fresh
  • Messing with mother nature
  • A matter of time
  • Coyotes east and west


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