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ICOtec Predator Mouth Call Pack

The ICOtec Predator Mouth Call Pack is fantastic for calling in coyotes or using as an add-on during a coyote hunt along with your electronic game call or simply as a back up in case of a battery failure in the field.  Just stick these two calls in your pocket and head out or hang them on a lanyard.

With these calls you can create sounds like:  coyote howl, coyote pup distress, chicken distress, fawn distress, jack rabbit distress, cottontail distress, bird distress and much more.  Ideal for attracting coyote, red fox, gray fox, bobcat, mountain lion, caracal, jackal, bear and much more.

The ICOtec Predator Mouth Call Pack features:

  • 1 Open reed call
  • 1 Closed reed call
  • Made from safe food-grade silicone
  • Soft and pliable
  • They fit easily in your pocket
  • Create multiple prey sounds as well as coyote howls and crying pups
  • Easy-to-use


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