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Expand-A-Pans greatly increase the square inches of the pan which really reduces those inside the jaw misses.  Reducing those misses increases your catch rate.  They are available for use with many different brands and sizes of traps.

Each model of the Expand-A-Pan greatly increases the pan size over the stock pan that comes with traps.  An example is the model for the MB-550.  The stock pan that comes with the MB-550 is 5.171 square inches.  The Expand-A-Pan for the MB-550 is 11.331 square inches.

Each Expand-A-Pan model is shaped and sized differently to maximize the pan area for each different model of trap.

Some Expand-A-Pans come in a bolt on style, and some come in a weld on style. The bolt on models come with the bolt/nut needed to install.

Weld on models are:  MB-450, MB-550, MB-650, MB-750, Bridger #5, Jake Trap, Duke 550, Duke 650 and Duke #2 Square Jaw.

Bolt on models are: Bridger #2, Bridger #2 Dogless, Bridger #3, Bridger #3 Dogless, Duke #4, TS-85, CDR 7.5 and Sleepy Creek #3 LS.


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