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Predator Calling » Mouth Calls (Listed by Manufacturer) » Nordik Gear Predator Calls » Nordik Plain Pain Predator Mouth Call | « Go Back

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Nordik Plain Pain Predator Mouth Call

The Nordik Plain Pain Predator Mouth Call is a hands free call that is easy to blow.  Being hands free lets you handle your gun in challenging hunting situations.  The unique membrane design in this call gives the sounds an extra dimension of pain and agony.  By biting on the different sound boards and blowing through both sides of the call the Plain Pain can produce virtually all general sounds of anxiety needed for efficiently calling predators.

The membrane is broader on one side and thinner on the other.  This means that you can produce different tones depending on which side of the call you blow from.  The side of the membrane facing the exhaust side will also start to oscillate, adding a deeper dimension of anguish.  When you blow through the broader side of the membrane the sound you create is deeper.  When you blow through the thinner side you create a lighter painful tone.

The Plain Pain has three positions from each side.  If you bite on the middle, from either direction, you will produce a general sound of agony.  With every step you move toward the edge, you can adjust the tone towards your desired sound.  The volume is simply adjusted by how hard you blow into the call.


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