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TTI's Skull Bleaching Kit

When developing this Skull Bleaching Kit every bleaching method was researched and tested by TTI. There are many, but they all come down to the basics of getting the flesh off the skull, then whitening the skull by removing the stains that remain.

Some skull bleaching kits use beetles to eat the flesh, which is very messy and takes weeks to complete.  Others use harsh chemicals that can complete the process quickly but are very caustic and can weaken the skull's integrity.  This is very bad if you are planning a euro style mount.  So after a lot of research, a kit was developed that any skill level could use when bleaching animal skulls and still produce superb results while finishing in a short amount of time.

The TTI Skull Bleaching Kit includes:

  • Step-By-Step Instructions
  • 1 bottle of 3S Degreaser
  • 1 Bag of Bleaching Powder

Additional Equipment Needed:

  • A Pot Large Enough for the Skull
  • A Bottle of Household Hydrogen Peroxide (3%)
  • A Sharp Knife

Each kit will do 2 deer skulls or the equivalent by size of other smaller skulls.

Do NOT use this for cleaning large skulls that may be record book Pope & Young or Boone & Crocket.  The boiling could cause the zygomatic arch to break, invalidating any measurements.  Recommendations for the use of this material are based on tests and evaluations believed to be reliable.  However, there is no expressed or implied warranty as to the results obtained.


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