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Trapping » Books & Videos » Trapping Books » Trapping Books (Listed by Subject) » Mink Trapping » Mike "Red" O'Hearn's "Mink Trapping: Quest for Prime Mink" Book | « Go Back

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Mike "Red" O'Hearn's "Mink Trapping: Quest for Prime Mink" Book

Mike "Red" O'Hearn's "Mink Trapping:  Quest for Prime Mink" Book was written in 2006 and contains 57 pages of top mink trapping information. Chapters include:

  • The Mink and Finding Them
  • Laying Out a Productive Mink Line
  • Make More Mink
  • Equipment
  • Longline Versus Shortline
  • Mink and Mink Lore
  • Cotton Mink
  • Trapline Etiquette
  • Motivations
  • Sets
  • Tending the Line and Related Issues
  • When to Start
  • Timing Your Mink Take
  • Mink Nights
  • Mink in My Travels
  • Conclusion


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