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Mike McMillan's "More Money from Trapping" DVD

Mike McMillan's "More Money from Trapping" DVD is a 5 hour, 2 disc set that shows you how to maximize your trapping profits.  This is an excellent fur processing DVD that is not just a skin-flesh how to video.  Mike covers beaver, bobcat, red fox, grey fox, mink, muskrat, opossum, otter, raccoon, skunk and squirrel and provides fur handling tips that add value to your fur.

Mike provides in depth information on:

  • Proper freezer use for both short and long term use
  • Meat market and alternative carcass uses
  • Animal gland removal and storage
  • Skull collection and storage
  • Simple bait and lure making from your own animals
  • Skunk uses that, alone, are worth the cost of this DVD
  • Craft and novelty part of the fur market and how trappers can make extra money with this market
  • Tips on better managing your fur shed
  • Tips on better managing your time in the fur shed
  • Tips on saving money in your fur shed


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