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Mike McMillan's "A Year on the ADC Line" DVD

Mike McMillan's "A Year on the ADC Line" DVD allows you to follow Mike for over a year on actual ADC jobs.  This video shows lots of animals, real results and real profits.

There are so many animals covered.....beaver, otter, coyote, red fox, grey fox, groundhogs, grey squirrel, flying squirrel, skunk, muskrat, opossum and feral cats.

This 2 disc set runs 7 hours, 53 minutes and features:

  • Professional cage trapping methods
  • Specialty traps including footholds, conibears and snares
  • Profitable damage repairs and exclusion methods
  • Wildlife euthanasia, carcass disposal, animal welfare and animal biology
  • Odorless skunk trapping and handling and profitable essence removal and storage
  • Beaver control year round including live capture and relocation techniques
  • Summertime coyote and fox trapping and snaring
  • Otter control, including snaring and cage trapping
  • Learn how to make processes out of your jobs, saving time and becoming more efficient, effective and profitable at your work
  • Dead animal removal, odor control and more


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