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Mark Steck's "Longline Road Trapping" DVD

How are those huge catches of 500+ mink, 600 fox and over 1000 coon possible?  Two words -- road trapping.  It's simply the most productive method of harvesting huge amounts of critters.  Road trapping allows you to roll through the best areas of your state, harvest the cream and move on. 

Mark Steck's "Longline Road Trapping" DVD covers:

  • Trap the best areas of your state
  • Discover a deadly new concept called "Pipe Trapping"
  • Cover huge areas working right off the roads close to your truck
  • Learn a line-management technique that leads to large catches
  • How to keep your traps operating under adverse conditions
  • Learn the lost art of blind setting for mink
  • Discover a highly productive system for road trapping canines

This video is 120 minutes of road trapping education.


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