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Mark Steck's "Dryland Coon Trapping" DVD

Mark Steck's "Dryland Coon Trapping" DVD shows proven methods from a master trapper.  Huge coon are consistently caught on dryland, and veteran trapper Mark Steck knows how to get them.

Join Mark on a working coon line as he shows you how using modern methods will pile up big coon, in large numbers - fast.  Learn the secrets of a proven system that will put you far ahead of your competition.  This 2 hour DVD features:

  • "On the Line" Instruction on Low Maintenance-Weather Proof Sets
  • Learn the Keys of Set Locations
  • Little Known Fundamentals that Give Huge Payback
  • Proven Methods for Populated Areas
  • Trail Trapping with Snares and Conibears
  • See a No Dog Method Work Time After Time


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