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Jeff Dunlap's "Coyote Trapping For Beginners" DVD

Jeff Dunlap's "Coyote Trapping For Beginners" DVD provides complete instructions to you to become a successful coyote trapper.   If you’ve never attempted to trap coyotes or if you’ve tried to trap coyotes previously with no success or limited success, this instructional DVD is for you.  This educational coyote trapping DVD gives you the information you need to successfully trap coyotes.

Jeff Dunlap is a professional trapper with many years of experience trapping animals and manufacturing lures & baits to attract animals.  The goal of this DVD is to get you catching coyotes quickly without you having to spend a ton of time on your own learning through trial and error.

This 1 hour and 22 minute DVD is broken down into 4 sections.  Jeff covers these 4 main topics in detail to get you started successfully trapping coyotes:

1. You get a full understanding of the basic equipment you need to buy to start trapping coyotes.
2. You get instructions on how to prepare your traps so they are ready to be used to trap coyotes.
3. You see detailed instructions on how to make several different great sets to successfully trap coyotes.
4. You get instructions on how to choose various different types of locations to make your sets to successfully trap coyotes.


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