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Specials » September Specials » Hunting with Hounds Specials » Vickie Lamb's "More Than a Huntin' Dog: Puppies Phase One - Through Four Months" DVD | « Go Back

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Vickie Lamb's "More Than a Huntin' Dog: Puppies Phase One - Through Four Months" DVD

Vickie Lamb's "More Than a Huntin' Dog:  Puppies Phase One - Through Four Months" DVD reveals refreshing, distinctive approaches toward living with and training your puppy, whether he's seven weeks old or four months old -- and even if you're starting out with an older pup.

In this DVD, Randy Conner's inimitable cowboy ways of restraint free methodology, animal advocacy and increased respect for them and the outdoors, taught to Vickie Lamb, accentuate her techniques in building solid tone recall behavior.  Together these dynamic forces blend while optimally enhancing the natural abilities of your developing hound puppy.

You'll refer to this must have DVD with each new puppy or dog you start as it covers everything from sound beginnings to trouble shooting and problem solving.

This Phase One DVD is the cornerstone of the "More Than a Huntin' Dog" DVD series and is the start of a memorable journey with your hunting dog, building a special relationship between all breeds of hunting dogs and their owners.

With this DVD Vickie invites you to join her in Phase One, along with Randy's Two Rivers Catahoula hounds, as these puppies head toward countless adventures while embarking on their experience of a lifetime.

More about Vickie Lamb and her "More Than a Huntin' Dog" DVD Series:

Vickie Lamb is a well known dog training expert.  She has been a columnist for Coonhound Bloodlines, American Cooner, Full Cry and other magazines.  Vickie's dogs have earned numerous competition titles.  Vickie and her dogs have appeared on ESPN, WGN and Outdoor Life Network (Versus).  Vickie is the author of two highly popular and respected books:  Dynamics of Hound Training and The Ultimate Hunting Dog Reference.

Now Vickie brings you her new training series of DVD's.  The series is called "More Than a Huntin' Dog".  This series of DVD's delivers a special way of life between you and your dog and does so throughout an entire year of puppyhood and progression.  Through big game houndsman and professional hunter Randy Conner and his Two Rivers Catahoula hounds, Vickie has discovered something indefinable after decades of dog training.  Randy's surreal connection with dogs and horses and the awareness Vickie has learned from him have vaulted her perspective into a different dimension.  This DVD series is based on these high level training methods.

Vickie has released two DVD's in the "More Than a Huntin' Dog" Series.  She is currently filming her third DVD which will be released in 2014.


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