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Western Rivers Trojan LED Headlight Package

Original price was $99.95.  Closeout price is $59.95.

The Western Rivers Trojan LED Headlight Package is a powerful hands free headlamp that offers a bright light and a compact design.  Boasting an intensifying beam for walking and extended operation time, this light is extremely popular with hunters.  The short cord designed head to battery pack has a 3.7 volt Lithium Ion power pack supplying all the power you need to light up the night for over 60 continuous hours.

Rated at 10000 lux, the Trojan is made from a durable lightweight ABS injection molded material that is hermetically sealed from the environment and never requires any maintenance. The rugged battery case is designed to attach smoothly to the heavy duty bump cap.

Throughout years of operation you will receive quality light output with over 1,000 recharges giving you 30,000 – 50,000 hours of use from this superior design.  Featuring 1 watt LED lamp technology, this headlamp never needs bulb replacement.  All of this, combined with an automatic charger that prevents overcharging and the molded bump cap, make this package ideal for coon hunting, predator hunting, waterfowl hunting, deer hunting, boating, farming, etc. 

The Western Rivers Trojan LED Headlight Package features:

  • 1 watt LED lamp
  • CREE LED lamp technology
  • Automatic charger
  • Lithium Ion battery
  • Multiple luminous stages
  • Extremely long burn times
  • Bright “white beam” lighting
  • Western Rivers bump cap


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