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Steve Fielder's "Gone to the Dogs: A Coon Hunter's Journey" Book

Steve Fielder's "Gone to the Dogs:  A Coon Hunter's Journey" Book covers the raccoon hunting sport inside out.  Steve's long awaited book contains two hundred pages of coonhound entertainment.

Travel with Steve Fielder on his 33 year journey with the nation's largest sporting dog registries:  AKC, PKC and UKC.  From his earliest beginnings hunting with hounds in the rugged Appalachian Mountains to the executive suites of the world's largest kennel clubs, Steve Fielder's journey will entertain, challenge and inspire anyone that loves sporting dogs and especially coonhounds.

Steve Fielder, an accomplished writer with hundreds of works in print, directed coonhound programs for the nation's three largest kennel clubs, AKC, PKC and UKC before retiring in 2011.  He also served as editor of Coonhound Bloodlines and Prohound magazines.  Additionally, Fielder worked tirelessly as a lobbyist for dog owners' interests nationally.  Widely traveled, Fielder has attended virtually every major coonhound event and has met thousands of people, each with a story to tell and many of which appear in his writings.


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