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Joseph Gary Crance's "The Master of Hounds" Book

Joseph Gary Crance's "The Master of Hounds" Book is the fourth novel in the Ryland Creek Saga.  This 293 page softcover book was written in 2020.

When Joseph began writing The Master of Hounds, he knew his hands were full.  There were mysteries and intentional loose ends, some reaching all the way back to the first novel in the Ryland Creek series, that had to be revealed as this timeline in the series came to a culmination.

The older generation mentoring the young has been a constant for the entire Ryland Creek series.  Dealing with your past decisions, facing your destiny, and even lessons about life itself hit The Master of Hounds theme at full stride.

What also remained was the communion between hunter, hound, and the forests. The land of Painted Post with its legends, ghost stories, history, and reaching near character status is an important element to maintain in The Master of Hounds.

The Master of Hounds reunites some favorite characters, one being the return of the eccentric Uncle Arthur McCutcheon, while introducing some new heroes and villains, and one, letís say, rather odd fellow....

The Master of Hounds also gives glimpses into the Ryland Creek Sagaís prequel, The Forest Ghost, slated for release soon.

Joseph Gary Crance is the son of a retired New York State Forest Ranger.  He grew up chasing behind coonhounds in the forests of his hometown of Painted Post, spending hundreds of hours in the woods day and night and in every season.  After a nearly 30-year career with the Department of Defense, with over 20 years in uniform with the U.S. Air Force, he returned with his family to the timeless hills of Upstate New York.  Now, he's pursuing a lifelong dream as a novelist.


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