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Joseph Gary Crance's "The Legends of Ryland Creek" Book

Joseph Gary Crance's "The Legends of Ryland Creek" Book is the third novel in the Ryland Creek Saga.  This 269 page softcover book was written in 2019.

Legends of Ryland Creek is something of a first.  While magical realism, and the land itself as a character, began with the preceding books, Legends delves heavily into the myth and lore of Painted Post and the surrounding regions.

The creature, the Gandalark, while considerable literal license was levied in the story, was roughly based on the reported sightings (in 1869) of a big foot-like creature (with a really nasty attitude) near Woodhull, New York, which is about 25 miles to the west of Painted Post.

Legends is also the most thematic of the series to date as it deals with both the issue of bullies as well as choosing one's path, and the consequences that ensue. 

Joseph Gary Crance is the son of a retired New York State Forest Ranger.  He grew up chasing behind coonhounds in the forests of his hometown of Painted Post, spending hundreds of hours in the woods day and night and in every season.  After a nearly 30-year career with the Department of Defense, with over 20 years in uniform with the U.S. Air Force, he returned with his family to the timeless hills of Upstate New York.  Now, he's pursuing a lifelong dream as a novelist.


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