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Joseph Gary Crance's "An Exceptional Hound" Book

Joseph Gary Crance's "An Exceptional Hound" Book is the second novel in the Ryland Creek Saga.  This 255 page softcover book was written in 2018.

An Exceptional Hound is the story of the hound Seth introduced in The Last Coon Hunter.  This installment in the Ryland Creek series fills in the gap between the last two chapters of The Last Coon Hunter and borrows from the Iroquoian legend of the Great Bear.

Note to readers of the Ryland Creek Series:  There is a real Seth!  That said, the character Seth was written before the real Seth was born.  Before The Last Coon Hunter went into publication, Joseph's mother asked him to change the character Seth from a walker coon hound to a black cur like the real Seth.  So he did. (Always listen to your mother!) Further, he's a ham in front of the camera, so he's become a part of some of the book covers and many of the ads for the series.

Joseph Gary Crance is the son of a retired New York State Forest Ranger.  He grew up chasing behind coonhounds in the forests of his hometown of Painted Post, spending hundreds of hours in the woods day and night and in every season.  After a nearly 30-year career with the Department of Defense, with over 20 years in uniform with the U.S. Air Force, he returned with his family to the timeless hills of Upstate New York.  Now, he's pursuing a lifelong dream as a novelist.


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