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T&M Outdoors’ “Bristling Boars” DVD

T&M Outdoors’ “Bristling Boars” DVD was filmed in the Cumberland Mountains of Tennessee.  You experience the exciting, heart-pounding adventure of bow hunting Wild Boar.  Witness the tusk clattering charge of a fierce angry boar as you are placed in the middle of the action with exclusive hat-cam footage, where you are behind the bow riser for that split second shot-making decision.

Things get hog wild as T&M Outdoors brings you face to face with the unpredictable, sometimes dangerous Wild Russian Boar.  Terrific stalking and shot sequences lead you through rugged terrain in pursuit of these tough skinned hogs armed with razor sharp tusks and a keen sense of smell.

Unlike bow hunting deer, you’re never quite sure where the shot opportunity is going to present itself and you can go from the hunter to the hunted the instant your arrow is released.  This video shows six bow killed hogs, including one two-for-one and several multiple shot pigs.  Join T&M as they relentlessly pursue tenacious Russian Boars up and down the mountains.  This DVD will absolutely bring panic inducing action to your living room.  50 minutes.


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