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Nite Lite Tracker LED Headlight Package

The Nite Lite Tracker LED Headlight Package is the perfect marriage of tradition and technology.  The Tracker LED has all the features of the original Tracker with the added longevity of LED headlamp illumination.  The light-emitting diode pumps out an estimated 230 lumens with the 5 watt LED headlamp (twice as bright as the original Tracker) with over 20-hours of run time on high.  Switch to low power for an impressive 40 hours of run time per charge.  The best part is that you donít have to worry about replacing or carrying extra bulbs.

The Nite Lite Tracker LED Headlight Package  is perfect for everything from coon hunting to deer tracking.  Includes the Nite Lite lightweight, 6-volt, 4-amp gel-cell battery and standard automatic wall charger.  Less than 2 pounds total weight.  Realtree AP camo.


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