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HAGz Spring Clips (Dozen Pack)

HAGz Spring Clips are simple, non-intrusive devices that were originally designed for the water trapper to stabilize body grip traps.  They are available in two sizes.  The standard size is for stabilizing 160 sized and smaller body grip traps on 3/8" rods.  The XL size is for stabilizing 220 to 330 sized body grip traps on 1/2" rods.  Simply insert the HAGz Spring Clip between the spring coil where it remains always attached so you never lose it, and then slide it onto the rod.

HAGz Spring Clips are small and non-intrusive.  Each clip is very light and doesn’t restrict the use of the spring eye.  These spring clips are fast and efficient:  no need to find the perfect stick that the spring eye will fit over.

When you combine the HAGz Spring Clip with the HAGz Bracket you are ready for many new body grip trap setting opportunities.  Simply attach the HAGz Bracket and insert the HAGz Spring Clip between the spring coils.  You can use this set up on a rod, on a stick, on rocks, etc.  Sold in dozen packs.


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