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Grawe's Sweet Skunk Lure (4 oz.)

Grawe's Sweet Skunk Lure is a dynamite lure that is also great for compounding your own lures and will improve any lure or bait.  All canines will readily investigate a buried skunk carcass, dig it up, drag it around, and if hungry enough, eat it.

Sweet Skunk is not a harsh odor as pure skunk essence is.  It can be used in a wide variety of applications and in numerous types of sets.  Try a small strip of hide or fur smeared with a teaspoon of Sweet Skunk.  It is sure an attraction for all canines.  It can also be used by itself at dirt hole or flat sets or you can make a killer trash pile set for bobcat using bits of ground duff, bleached bone and a few old feathers.


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