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Gerald Schmitt's "Mega Mink Methods" DVD

Watch and learn the methods that Schmitt used to trap 764 mink in 7 weeks during the 1998 season and over 2000 mink within a five-year period.  Detailed segments on set construction and trap placement of both blind and baited sets, with extensive coverage given to the pocket set.

If you are unsure of how to make quick effective mink sets, Gerald Schmitt's "Mega Mink Methods" DVD will show you how.  Coverage of sets, equipment, lures and baits, staking methods, and answers to commonly asked questions.  Several mink catches shown to demonstrate how effective these methods are.

If you are a beginner, or wish to learn more about mink trapping, this video will take the mystery out of mink trapping.  If you are already a good mink trapper, this video will make you better.  1 Hour 55 Minutes.


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