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Primos Terminator Elk System

The Primos Terminator Elk System was made for accurate and easy-to-duplicate elk sounds.  The Terminator can be used with any elk mouth diaphragm call, but it especially works well with the Primos Sound Plate diaphragm calls.  It is excellent for bull elk glunking.  This is the state-of-the-art design for reproducing accurate elk resonance and tone.

The Primos Terminator Elk System features:

  • Resonator End duplicates an elk’s voice chamber for accurate nasal elk tones
  • Patented “Support Shelf” mouthpiece enables you to reproduce bugles and cow calls accurately and easily with little air pressure
  • Comes with patented Blue “Snap-On” Reed that is long lasting, giving you perfect tension and tones every time
  • Protective cap also doubles as storage for extra Blue “Snap-On” Reeds
  • Camo cover
  • Sling lanyard


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