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Havalon Evolve Multi-Tool

The Havalon Evolve Multi-Tool is the world's first Multi-Tool featuring the quick change replaceable blade system.  It was designed to create a more efficient hunting experience.  No longer will you have to go into the woods with an entire toolbox full of items (screwdrivers, sharpeners, saws, gut hooks and knives) in your pack.

The Havalon Evolve was built to be the only tool a hunter needs.  The Evolve features:

  • Knife with Havalon Piranta quick change fitment that fits all styles of Piranta blades (and 6 free 60A replacement blades)
  • Replaceable saw (and 2 free 115SW saw replacement blades)
  • Fixed gut hook
  • Pliers that can also cut and strip wire
  • Universal bit driver and flathead/Phillips reversible bit with the room to store two more 1/4 bits of any variety
  • Carabineer clip
  • Zipper holster


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