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Specials » December Specials » General Outdoors Specials » Bill Hesselgrave's "Care & Processing of Venison" DVD | « Go Back

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Bill Hesselgrave's "Care & Processing of Venison" DVD

Bill Hesselgrave's "Care & Processing of Venison" DVD shows you how to take care of the wild game you harvest so you will always have good tasting meat using just knives.  This video takes you through every step of processing your deer and covers field dressing, cleaning, skinning, caping, de-boning the meat, tying roasts and wrapping the meat.

You will learn how to use the weight of the carcass to help you process your deer to make your job easier.  Bill shows you the recommended procedure on boning wild game to address concerns of Chronic Wasting Disease and lead fragmentation.  The techniques you learn will work on all the big game you harvest.

As a bonus, Bill also shows you how to select a quality knife.  You will learn how to sharpen a knife to a razor edge and how to maintain that edge on all the knives you use, including your hunting knives, household knives, fish filleting knives and meat processing knives.  You will also learn the proper way to hold and use steels to touch up and maintain a razor edge on all of your knives.  2 hours.


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