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Mercer Lawing's "Top Dollar Cat$$" DVD

Mercer Lawing's "Top Dollar Cat$$" DVD is a complete guide to bobcat fur handling featuring the Nevada stretch and other money making techniques.

This how to video is designed to help you increase your fur check by as much as 35%.

In this unique DVD you will follow two groups of cat skins from the fur shed to the final sale.  Each group was taken from the same area but handled differently.  Watch as Mercer's cats blow away the competition and learn the techniques that he uses to consistently beat the sale average at one of the premier cat sales in the nation by as much as 24% with his California cats.

Top Dollar Cat$$ contains over 70 minutes of money making instruction and covers:

  • Managing your harvest
  • Interview with a top western cat buyer
  • Stretching your cats for maximum profits
  • Tools and equipment
  • Skinning and gland removal
  • Fleshing
  • Dry washing
  • Sewing holes and dealing with damage
  • Freezing your skins
  • Dealing with fleas on your animals


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