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F&T's North American Trapper Season Two DVD Set

F&T's North American Trapper Season Two DVD Set contains all of the full episodes from season 2.  F&Tís North American Trapper TV show is hosted by Alan Probst and features many trappers from across the country as they bring you trapping adventures.

Season Two is a four DVD set that contains all 13 episodes of the 2012 season of F&T's North American Trapper TV show.

The Season Two episodes are:

  • Alan Probst Pennsylvania Raccoon
  • Gary Schumann Early Season Muskrat
  • Darin Freeborough Early Season Coyote
  • Kyle Kaatz Midwest Water Trapping
  • Kyle Kaatz Western Predator Trapping
  • Johnny Thorpe Adirondack Otter
  • Johnny Thorpe Adirondack Fisher
  • Gary Schumann Mid Season Muskrat
  • Gary Schumann Winter Muskrat
  • Darin Freeborough Mid Season Coyote
  • Darin Freeborough Late Season Coyote
  • Brad Harris Midwest Bobcat/Coyote
  • Alan Probst Pennsylvania Beaver


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