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F&T's Freedom Outdoors Season Seven DVD Set

F&T's Freedom Outdoors Season Seven DVD Set contains all of the full episodes from season 7 of our TV show.  F&Tís Freedom Outdoors TV show is hosted by Alan Probst and features many trappers and hunters from across the country as they bring you trapping and hunting adventures.

Season Seven is a four DVD set that contains all 13 episodes of the 2017 season of F&T's Freedom Outdoors TV show.

The Season 7 episodes are:

  • Harry Nestell Winter Canine Trapping
  • Harry Nestell Coyote Cable Restraint Methods
  • Clint Locklear Beaver Snaring
  • Jeff Dunlap Marten and Fisher Trapping
  • Jeff Dunlap Under Ice Beaver and Muskrat Trapping
  • Jeff Dunlap Winter Canine Trapping
  • Randy Smith and Mark Zepp Raccoon Hunting
  • Randy Smith and Mark Zepp How a Competition Raccoon Hunt Works
  • Lesel Reuwsaat Bobcat Trapping
  • Kyle Kaatz Fur Processing of a Coyote
  • Gary Schumann Under Ice Trapping
  • Gary Schumann Ermine Trapping
  • Competition Predator Hunting at the Extreme Predator Hunt


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