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Ed Kelly's "How to Build and Use a Box Trap" DVD

Ed Kelly's "How to Build and Use a Box Trap" DVD is a practical guide to the diminishing art of building and using box traps.  Box traps are still very effective in catching animals, and the building of a box trap is a great project adults can do with youngsters.

The box trap was once common in rural areas and small towns.  Ed built his first box trap in the 1960's when only 11 years old.  This video is a tribute to Ed's memories of days gone by..........the challenge of taking scrap pieces of lumber and building a trap to set in the over-grown fields near his home to catch rabbits and opossums.........the excitement of setting his first trap with hope that someting that he had built could really catch a wild animal.  As a kid he fell asleep many nights with the anxious anticipation of morning.  He couldn't wait to get up and check the trap for the prize that might be awaiting him.

The wooden box trap is becoming a thing of the past.  Manufactured wire cage traps have replaced the box trap and modern life generally places little value on a wild rabbit for food or an opossum for the skin.  Ed hopes this video will keep the box trap from being forgotten and allow others to enjoy some of the pleasures he has had with these traps.

This video is not just a trip down memory lane.  It also contains practical tips to help you be more effective in catching animals such as woodchucks, raccoon, rabbits, etc. whether using home made box traps or wire cage traps.


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